The future of bitcoin prices

The future of bitcoin prices

In 2018, the 55-year-old option godfather James Cordier believed that the still-rising natural gas had reached its peak, and he was determined to be short on natural gas, sThe future of bitcoin priceso he sold call options naked. If we look at natural gas now, James’ judgment is correct, the price is indeed lower than in 2018, but unfortunately he judged to be bearish in the upward trend. In November 2018, natural gas was US$122, a 13-year high, and James’s US$150 million all liquidated.

"Is your "improvement" sufficient to overcome Bitcoin's network effects, reputation, distribution, security, and first-mover advantage? Despite a large number of optimization experiments, no chain has successfully provided strong enough advantages to compete with Bitcoin has already established (and rapidly expanded) the network effects, reputation, distribution, and security rivaling.

And Zeng Ming, the executive vice president of Alibaba, made a point at the beginning of this month. From his personal instinct, he is now in the blockchain era around 1990. In its core discussion, it is believed that no application in the blockchain currently has tens of millions or hundreds of millions of users.

And just today (February 12), Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the Lightning Network will be applied to Twitter's mobile payment company Square, where he is also the CEO. In a podcast discussing the Lightning Network, Dorsey stated: "Of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is most likely to become a currency, and Bitcoin is the first choice for the Internet's "native" currency. "

Chris Dixon admires Kathryn Haun's legal mind. In addition, her public prosecution experience as a prosecutor, her presentation skills and her experience as an educator. She has taught cryptocurrency-related courses at Stanford Law School and Business School, making her the best candidate for the spokesperson of the cryptocurrency industry. Get rid of the embarrassment of the industry as a scam or joke in the eyes of many people.

Opera's integration of Ethereum and ERC-20 standards marks an important step towards mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies and dApps. Although Opera's market share and user base are relatively small comparThe future of bitcoin pricesed to its competitors, Opera is a widely recognized browser with an active and loyal user base.

But Goering just smiled and said, "Oh, great. But whether the people can or cannot speak, the people will always follow the leadership's orders. It is easy, just tell them that we are under attack and condemn the pacifists for lack of patriotism. Doctrine and put the country in danger, and any country is operating in the same way.”