Can Bitcoin be hacked

Can Bitcoin be hacked

EIP145:Can Bitcoin be hacked A technical upgrade written by two Ethereum developers, AlexBeregszaszi and PawelBylica. EIP145 details a more effective Ethereum information processing solution, which is called bitwise shifting;

Daniel: HBTC and oBTC are cross-chain assets, which carry the cross-chain work from BTC to Ethereum. BTC is mortgaged on the BTC side and ERC20BTC is issued on Ethereum 1:1. Different cross-chain schemes have potential issuance caps, and each scheme has its own unique advantages. The main work of acBTC is to combine ERC20BTC generated by different cross-chain schemes in a safe and efficient way on the Ethereum side. The benefits of this are that one can subsidize users' cross-chain costs through the built-in swap, interest-bearing and loan agreements; the other is to help the underlying cross-chain assets to enter the application scenario more conveniently, and solve the problem of current ERC20BTC application scenario split.

Inevitably, as the token lock-up period expires, the founders will inevitably consider whether to continue to invest more in the development of the project based on the company's development and profitability: can the company or fund make money at present? Can the tokens in hand continue to increase in value? Are there more options worth investing in? Can the project still achieve the expected goals? Are there other sources of income that allow them to continue to hold large amounts of tokens? Can they provide enough liquidity for the tokens they hold for a long time? These issues will affect the founder's handling of tokens.

Looking at the performance of each blockchain sector, we found that within 24 hours, the transaction volume of the currency sector reached 10,077.6 billion US dollars (a 21% increase in transaction volume), and the transaction volume of the distributed ledger sector reached 921.5 billion US dollars (a 84% increase in transaction volume) , The anonymous currency sector transaction volume reached 3,346.3 billion U.S. dollars (a 41% increase in transaction volume), the forked currency sector’s transaction volume was 676.3 billion U.S. dollars (a 1888% increase in transaction volume), and the cross-chain/side-chain sector transaction volume was 4447.9 million U.S. dollars (transactions The transaction volume of the asset management sector was US$185.33 million (a 209% increase in transaction volume), the trading volume of the advertising and entertainment sector was US$122.4 million (trading volume decreased by 13%), and the transaction volume of the platform currency sector was US$477.2 million ( Transaction volume increased by 0.99%), the Internet of Things segment transaction volume was US$35.08 million (a 41% decrease in transaction volume), the artificial intelligence sector transaction volume was US$35.80 million (trading volume decreased by 89%), and the social communication sector transaction volume was US$297.4 million. (Transaction volume decreased by 313%), financial services segment transaction volume was US$72.9 million (trading volume decreased by 09%), data management segment transaction volume was US$115.1 million (transaction volume decreased by 106%), anti-counterfeiting traceability segment transaction volume was 0.0329 million USD (decrease in trading volume by 295%).

For those who don't know much, the Constantinople upgrade is the next notable upgrade in the development route of Ethereum. The activation of this protocol will bring Ethereum closer to Serenity (bringing expansion, PoS, etc.). In addition to some short-term expansion and upgrades, Constantinople (expected to be around January 16, 2019) will also reduce the Ethereum block reward from 3 ETH to 2.

bitcoincash: qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqu08dsyxz98whc. SuppoCan Bitcoin be hackedrters of BCH should understand that users don't just send BCH to a designated address to get WHC tokens, users must also use the Wormhole protocol based on the BCHOP_Return instruction. Then this wormhole software can transmit burning data through BCH transactions and make the burning data be recognized as WHC tokens. So far, 1,626 BCH (worth 1.2 million US dollars) have been sent to the burning address, but if less than 1 BCH is sent, the platform will not generate WHC. The white paper further details that WHC needs to be generated after 1,000 confirmations, and each BCH can generate 100 WHC. Users can also buy WHC from the market, and Coinex will be the first coin-listing platform.

FinCEN is the main regulator and administrator of the Bank Secrecy Act, which imposes certain record keeping, reporting and other anti-money laundering (AML) compliance obligations on financial institutions (including currency service companies that conduct transactions in virtual currencies) . Federal authorities have previously stated that they will pay more attention to anti-money laundering compliance issues in the virtual currency field.

The MVRV ratio method is quite new and was published by NicCarter at a Bitcoin conference in late September 2018. The MVRV ratio, as the name suggests, is MV divided by RV, and MVmarketvalue is the total market value of cryptocurrencies. The denominator RV is the realized value, tentatively translated as realized value. Realized value is the result of summing up each cryptocurrency according to the price of the last transfer. For Bitcoin, it is the result of summarizing all UTXOs at the price when it was created. We calculate the realized value of RV, whether UTXO is the mining reward of the system to miners or the output of transfer transactions, it is calculated based on the price of Bitcoin on the day it was generated, and all together is RV. There are two particularly big advantages to using RV. The first is to eliminate the interference of early lost bitcoins on valuation. Because early btc was very worthless, many people didn’t care about it, and there were a lot of lost btc. In addition, there are about 1 million Bitcoins belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto, because they have never been moved, and they will probably not be used again in the future. If you treat these 1 million in the same valuation as the recent active btc, it must be wrong. of. So the early btc, UTXO was created when the price of btc was extremely low, using the concept of RV basically eliminated their influence. The second advantage is that it meets the value recognition of market participants. For example, I transferred you 10 bitcoins in 2015, so how much money did I transfer to you? At the price at the time, 200 dollars a piece, I think the money was transferred to you as 2,000 dollars. Therefore, the bitcoin price when UTXO was created reflects the average value recognition of market participants. We say that the price level and the rise and fall are relative, and the price benchmark is also called the reference point, which is different for every investor. Investors usually use their average buying price as a reference point for cryptocurrency prices. So MVRV less than 1 means that the price of Bitcoin has been lower than the weighted average of investors' price reference points. In Lesson 6, we will talk about the influence of psychology on investment decisions. So I think the MVRV ratio is an indicator that can reflect the consensus of investors on the price of Bitcoin, which is of great significance.