How to get bitcoin money

How to get bitcoin money

USDT plummeted again, once falling below $0.95. The current USDT price is the lowest point since mid-October, when the price fell to 93 cents. There are some factors that can make stablecoins actually unstable.How to get bitcoin money For USDT, it can be said that there are both positive and negative factors, pushing it to develop in two directions.

In addition to cooperation with tools or websites such as browsers, Gath3r also cooperates with Luxcore for merged mining. Luxcore is a blockchain solution provider focusing on designing and building enterprise-level security and privacy products. Through merged mining, it will bring more token revenue to miners and bring more security to merged miners.

In addition, currency must be easy to flow. If you have to carry a pile of flint for every transaction, it will be too heavy (it was good in ancient times, and the transaction frequency was very low. Nowadays, people are trading every day. If you buy a bottle of yogurt, you have to take out stones or shells. trouble). Currency also needs to be durable, not like rice. In case it is eaten by rats at night or rots over time, its value will be lost. The currency must also be safe, can be verified for authenticity, and can be divided. Finally, money must be scarce, not like air and water. Although it is useful but everywhere, it cannot bear the function of storing value and medium of exchange.

The Bitcoin community has a very interesting culture. I can often see fierce debates between two Bitcoiners but they can get along very friendly. As Confucius said, gentlemen are harmonious but different. Regarding cultural symbols in the blockchain world, it seems that we can start a separate article to talk about it.

Bitfinex charges a two-way charge for sellers and buyers, which are 0.2% and 0.1%, respectively, but the fees are tiered. We assume that the average transaction fee is 0.2% of the transaction volume. That bitfinex has earned US$24.7 million in fees in the past 30 days. A year can receive nearly 300 million US dollars.

Other blockchain platforms that use the Bitcoin PoW algorithm, includingHow to get bitcoin money Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), may feel this effect more strongly. Currently, BSV's network computing power is about 5EH/s, while BSV's network computing power is about 1.8EH/s.